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Accessing Excel’s Name Manager

A user modifying an Excel export template recently asked:

“We need to go to cell B6 and navigate to Insert | Name | Define then select OneSampleResults and extend the column reference range. In Excel 2016 I can’t find Insert | Name | Define. Can you direct me?”

Although Insert | Name | Define no longer exists on the ribbon in newer versions of Excel, you can still use its keystroke shortcut Alt+I, N, D to open the Name Manager. Alternatively, you will find the Name Manager on the Formulas tab of the ribbon. Note that if you insert a column anywhere within the existing OneSampleResults named range, Excel will automatically expand the named range. You can also change the OneSampleResults range to include more columns (e.g. $A$4:$Z$4) than currently used so you don’t have to remember to change it each time you add a new column.

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