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Adding or Deleting an Analysis from all Batch Samples

A user recently called with a simple question. After forgetting to delete an analysis from the first sample in the Batch Login screen then copying the sample 19 times to create a 20-sample batch, he wanted to know if there was a way to delete the unwanted analysis without manually deleting from all 20 samples.

To add or delete one or more analyses from all samples in the Batch Login screen, use the Add… or Delete… button above the list of analyses in any batch sample. Use the often overlooked “Add to all batch samples” or “Delete from all batch samples” option to add or delete the selected analyses from all batch samples.

Similarly, use the Add… or Delete… button in Edit Mode in the single Sample Login screen to add or delete analyses from all queried samples. In this case, enable the “Add to all queried samples” or “Delete from all queried samples” check box to add or delete the selected analyses to all queried samples.

Table of Contents