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Analysis Values “H”, “L”, and “BDL”

Changing or Disabling High, Low, and BDL Result Formats When formatting results for reports, LIMS will append a space and “H” for high or “L” for low if a result value is above or below the warning limits configured for the analysis. If the value is below the detection limit “BDL” will be listed. You should normally configure the analysis’ result minimum specification to prevent entering values below the detection limit.

This analysis result formatting is LIMS’ default behavior. You can disable result formatting completely or you can change the character added for high, low, and below detection limit conditions. All changes to result formatting are made using options on the System Configuration screen.

To disable high, low, and BDL formatting, first add a new record to the Options tab of the System Configuration screen, enter “gbFormatAnalysisResult” in the Option field, and enter a zero in the Value field. A Value of zero disables and -1 enables formatting.

To change the characters appended for a high and low warning, add a record with Option “gsFormatAnalysisResultHigh” and “gsFormatAnalysisResultLow” and enter the characters to append in the Data field leaving the Value field blank.

To change the characters displayed for values below their detection limit, add a record with Option “gsFormatAnalysisResultBDL” and enter the characters in the Data field.

Table of Contents