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Cannot Log In After New Workstation Install

Q: “One of our users got a new PC. … We installed the program, logged her in with the admin and attached the database we’re using, but she still can’t log in with her credentials. We’re obviously missing something.”

A: A simple oversight during LIMS 4.x installation causes this problem. To troubleshoot, right-click the LIMS desktop shortcut on the new PC, choose Properties, and then find file LimsUser4.mdw in the middle of the Target property. You will probably find that the path to the file is on the local C: drive rather than your server folder. As a test, you can edit the path to LimsUser4.mdw in the Target property and specify the server folder where your LimsData database resides. If that works, it is a temporary solution since the shortcut will resort back to the C: drive path if you ever do an LIMS repair.

The real solution is to uninstall LIMS then reinstall and be certain to select the server folder in the “Select the location for the LIMS database” installation screen.

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