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Changing a Sample Pick List’s Column Contents

While querying samples is often the most effective method to locate specific samples for most tasks, occasionally using a sample pick list is convenient.

For example, if you just logged a sample and you realize you mistakenly entered the wrong sample location, you can open the Sample Login screen, switch to edit mode, and then select the sample from the pick list. Your new sample will likely be found at the top of the list because sample pick lists present a list of recent samples in reverse chronological order.

You will find sample pick lists conveniently located on each of the following screens:

• Edit Analytical Batch (QC menu)

• Container Labels (Samples menu)

• Sample Login (Samples menu)

• Results by Sample Setup (Samples menu)

• QC Results Entry Setup (QC menu)

• QC Sample Login (QC menu)

Sample pick lists present recent samples in reverse chronological order where the most recent sample is at the top of the list. However, the number of samples displayed is configurable by workstation, using the “Populate Sample List” option on the Workstation Configuration screen.

The contents of the pick list’s five columns normally (see Version 3.2 Bugs) default to the following fields:

The first column of all sample pick lists must always display the Sample ID, but the contents of columns two through five can be changed. For example, if yours is a commercial lab, you may benefit by listing the sample’s customer in one of the pick list’s columns. Each pick list’s column widths are fixed so you should select an appropriate column for the data to be displayed.

Configure the column contents using specific syntax and the Options tab of the System Configuration screen. This technique is available for both Full System and Annual Subscription licenses. For detailed instructions see How to Change a Sample Pick List’s Column Contents

Table of Contents