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Clean Up your Error Log

LIMS’ error log maintains a record of all system error messages along with the current user and workstation at the time of the message, and the date and time the error occurred. The error log helps the LIMS administrator and technical support personnel troubleshoot recurring problems.

While even thousands of error log records will occupy only a fraction of the overall size of an LIMS database, consider deleting older records when they are no longer of any use. Before deleting records, preview then save to PDF a copy of the Error Log report on the Admin menu to preserve a history.

Use the Error Log screen option on the Admin menu to open the system error log. Click and drag along the record selectors at the left of the screen to select multiple records then use the Delete key to delete. Consider saving the Error Log report to PDF then deleting all system error log records after upgrading to a new LIMS version. Remember to compact your LimsData database after deleting a large number of records.

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