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Compact LimsData Regularly to
Improve Performance

Your LimsData database steadily increases in size over time as you continue to add new data. You can improve overall system performance by regularly compacting the database. We recommend you compact LimsData at least once a month but preferably once a week. In addition to minimizing the size of the LimsData database, compacting will defragment the file by rewriting it to contiguous space on the disk. Compacting also rewrites the database’s tables in primary key order, recreates all table indexes, and updates database statistics, all of which can improve overall system performance and query performance in particular.

To compact your LimsData database, log on to the LIMS as a member of the Admins security role. Use the View Current Users option on the Admin menu to make sure you are the only one logged on to the LIMS. You must have exclusive control of the database to compact. Now use the Compact LimsData option on the Admin menu to exit the LIMS and begin the process. Follow the onscreen prompts and log on again to compact the database. Once database compacting completes all users can start the LIMS normally.

Table of Contents