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Compact LimsData without LIMS

In the rare situation when an LIMS back end database has been corrupted by a server or workstation crash, for example, LIMS will issue the startup error message “Unable to open file … or it may not be a valid backend database.” If you suspect a corrupt database, the solution is to compact your LimsData database since the compacting process will also repair many common problems and restore the integrity of the database. But to compact, you must start LIMS and use the “Compact LimsData” option on the Admin menu. However, the corrupt database is preventing you from starting LIMS.

If you find yourself in this scenario, there is a simple solution. When you use the Compact LimsData option, LIMS creates a small batch file called CompactLimsData.bat in the folder where the MSC[1]LIMS software is installed (typically C:\LIMS). The batch file contains commands that can be issued at a command prompt to compact the database using the installed Access runtime. To compact LimsData without LIMS, navigate to the C:\LIMS folder (or folder where LIMS is installed) using Windows Explorer and double-click on file CompactLimsData.bat. Follow the normal prompts to compact LimsData. Note that CompactLimsData.bat will only exist if the Compact LimsData option has been used at least once from within LIMS.

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