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Compact Routinely

Remember to compact your LimsData database routinely to improve system performance. We recommend you compact LimsData at least once a month but preferably once a week. In addition to minimizing the size of the LimsData database, compacting will also defragment the file by rewriting it to contiguous space on the disk. Therefore, it is a good idea to run a disk defragmenting utility prior to compacting to assure that sufficient contiguous space exists. Compacting also rewrites the database’s tables in primary key order, recreates indexes, and updates Jet database statistics, all of which can improve system performance.

Use Start | Programs | LIMS for Microsoft Access | Compact LimsData then enter your LIMS login name and password to compact the database. Note that all users must exit the LIMS to compact LimsData. To ensure your Compact LimsData shortcut is configured properly, use Windows Explorer to view the size of your LimsData database both before and after compacting. A successful compact will reduce the size of the file.

Table of Contents