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Configuring Instrument Methods

Variations of the following question are common from users just beginning their implementation:

“Suppose I’m running ICP for the entire list of metals for environmental monitoring. What’s the best way to set this (meaning a single test that yields several results) up in the Analysis screen?

Also, if I have several instrumental methods- say ICP & AA or IC & Titration (which the same analyte can be quantitated under) what is the best way to enter that analyte without running into record duplication errors?”

 Each metal analyte must be defined as a distinct analysis in LIMS and the analyte name must be unique. Consider putting the method number or name in the Analyte name field on the Analyses setup screen to distinguish the same trace metal performed by different methods (e.g. Arsenic – ICP). Use the Report Name field, which does not have to be unique, to specify the analyte name you want to see on a final report.

Next, you can create a named list of analytes (e.g. Metals – ICP) with the Requirements setup screen. Add every metal analyte to the requirement. You can then add the entire list of metals analyses to any project or sample by selecting the single requiremen

Table of Contents