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Current Example Excel Export Templates

One distinct advantage to an LIMS Full System license is the ability to customize any LIMS report. If you want to alter the layout of a report, you can simply make a copy of the system report, use the Access report design surfaces to make changes to the new report, and then add a record to a LimsCode table to install your version of the report.

Since LIMS Annual Subscription licensees do not have this capability, any custom reports beyond the capabilities of LIMS’ user-defined reports must be created with an Excel template. And many Full System licensees find it easier to maintain custom reports using Excel templates. For this reason, we often add new Excel export templates to the list of example templates installed by LIMS. For example, we recently added Work Order and Work Sheet templates so you can export the data from these reports to create your own versions.

You will find the installed example templates in folder C:\LIMS\Examples\Excel Export Templates on your LIMS workstation. An archive file containing all templates is located in the File Library. Below is a list of the Excel export templates currently available in the archive file.

Analysis Count Chart
Bench Sheet – Oil & Grease
CofA Example
Control Chart – Analysis Results
Control Chart – QC Data
EDD Example – All Analytes
EDD Example – Specific Analytes
Final Report – Samples in Columns
Final Report – Samples in Rows
Final Report Example
Invoice by Batch
Invoice by Sample
Monthly Sample Count Chart
LIMS Analyses
LIMS Export Template
LIMS UDR Export Template
Sample Tracking by Batch
Sample Tracking by Customer
Sample Tracking by Project and Location
Work Order
Work Sheet

See the Read Me worksheet in each template for more information on the template’s operation. Note that the LIMS Export Template is a minimal template. This generic template contains only the required LIMSData worksheet and its macros. However, the macros are empty so you can export any LIMS report to this template to view the report’s raw data.

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