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Date and Time Analyses

What do you do when you need to report specific dates and times along with analytical results and the existing sample date and time fields don’t suffice?

One LIMS user called and noted that she needed to report start and end dates and times for certain testing. The solution was to create date, time, or date and time “analyses” just for this purpose. In a new feature added at version 3.1, dates, times, and combinations of dates and times can be entered as analytical results.

To use this feature create your own analysis and use the Report Format field to define a suitable date, time, or date and time format (e.g. m/d/yyyy, hh:mm, m/d/yy hh:mm, etc.). During results entry, either right-click the result value field and select “Date/Time Value…” or enter a forward slash (/), colon (:), or semi-colon (;) to open the popup form for date and time entry.

Table of Contents