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Date and Time of Results Imported from Excel

Recently, a user submitted this question:

“ I have a question regarding the spreadsheet upload of results. Is there a way to manage the date of analysis during import? For example, we let instruments run overnight, but do not upload results until the morning. When using the sheet (from what my analysts tell me) there isn’t a way to do this as LIMS defaults to the date of upload for the analysis.”

When you use Spreadsheet | Import Results from either results entry screen, the Excel Data Import screen that appears showing the data found in the Excel workbook, includes Analysis Date and Time fields. Setting the date and optional time in these fields will add that date and time to all results on the screen when you click the Import button. The Analysis Date field defaults to the current date but you can change the date as necessary for the current import.

Similarly, for manual results entry, if you enable the ‘Use current date for default analysis date’ option on the Data Entry tab of the System Configuration screen, both results entry screens will display a default analysis date field above the Date column. The date in that field, which you can change, is the date automatically inserted in the analysis records below as you manually enter results.

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