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Emailing Preliminary Results

Q: Is it possible for LIMS to automatically send an analyte result directly to an email once it is entered? I’ve looked in the LIMS manual and the closest thing I’ve seen is sending a sample summary report by email.

A: LIMS Messaging can automatically email results when either a single sample is completed or a batch of samples is completed. However, you can also manually email results prior to a sample’s completion with a single button click in the Results by Sample screen. Some sites use this feature to send preliminary results. If you have configured messaging for a customer and you want to send a preliminary report showing the sample’s current results, you can click the “Resend completion message” button above the customer name on the Results by Sample screen. If you are using a message style based on an Excel template it is easy to have the template mark the report “Preliminary” when the sample is incomplete.

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