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Error: New User Login Account Fails

We frequently receive reports that a new user login account, added in the Users screen on the Admin menu, only works on one LIMS workstation and is unrecognized on other workstations. Adding the login account again at another workstation appears to solve the issue. This problem identifies an incorrect installation configuration.

In a multi-user LIMS installation, both the LimsData database and the LimsUser workgroup security file are shared by all workstations. The first time LIMS is started at each workstation, the LimsData database is selected. Since the LimsUser workgroup security file issues the login prompt at startup, its location must be known before LIMS is started. The location of the LimsUser file is embedded in the LIMS shortcut using the LimsData location specified during software installation.

If you overlook selecting the LimsData database’s folder during LIMS installation at any workstation, the software will install the LimsUser workgroup security file in the default C:\LIMS folder, which means the workstation is not using the same LimsUser file as other workstations.

You can easily diagnose this problem. At each LIMS workstation, open the System Configuration screen on the Admin menu then select the System Info tab. Note the location of the Workgroup file listed. All workstations should be sharing the same LimsUser file located in the same folder as the LimsData database.

To correct the problem at a specific workstation, right[1]click the desktop shortcut used to start LIMS, choose Properties, and then edit the location of the LimsUser file in the Target property. Repeat the Target property edit for each option on the LIMS menu on the Start button’s All Programs menu that includes the LIMS icon. Alternatively, you can uninstall LIMS then reinstall being sure to select the LimsData database’s folder.

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