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Excel Template Folders in Version 5.x

Q: “Currently our IT has control over user permissions. Since Admin status is the only one who can map the directory of export and import templates locations in the network, is there an alternative so that all users can access the templates in the specified directory without having to change their status to admin and going in to each of their workstations. Currently when we double click the LIMS icon it logs us in automatically.”

A: LIMS version 5.0 uses the current Windows user’s credentials for system access, eliminating a separate LIMS login. If your Windows login has either Admin or Owner permissions in the LIMS, you can change the Workstation Configuration screen at any LIMS workstation by logging on to Windows with your credentials then starting the LIMS. After exiting the LIMS, remember to log off from Windows. There is an alternative. When you exit the LIMS, the settings on the Workstation Configuration screen are saved to file LimsCode5.xml in folder C:\LIMS on the workstation. When you start the LIMS, the settings are loaded from the xml file. If you want all workstations to use the same Workstation Configuration screen settings, you can copy file LimsCode5.xml from the workstation with the correct settings to all other workstations. Just make sure to exit the LIMS at a workstation before copying LimsCode5.xml to the workstation’s C:\LIMS folder.

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