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Excel Template’s ‘LIMS Access Version’ Setting

A user recently wrote:

“I had to reinstall Excel 2010 on one of the LIMS computers but now I am having trouble exporting reports. The excel template opens but is not transferring all the data.”

This situation can occur if you have Excel templates that you began using with LIMS version 3.x. And the problem may not appear on all LIMS workstations.

Any Excel templates used with LIMS 4.x that have a ‘LIMS Access Version’ option on the template’s Settings worksheet, should have the version number set to 14. The internal version number of the Access 2010 Runtime used by LIMS 4.x is 14. Although this user’s template previously worked with ‘LIMS Access Version’ set to 10, changing the version to 14 after the reinstall of Excel solved the problem.

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