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Export a Customer List

Q: “I need to import our customers into a newsletter application on our new website in something like a CSV file but apparently I can also do it from a table within a database. Can you tell me how I can export our customer details into a CSV file or the like or access the table in the database?”

A: To get a customer list in Excel, export the Customers report on the Setup menu to the generic “LIMS Export Template” template. If this template does not exist in your Excel export templates folder, which you will find specified on the Folders tab of the Workstation Configuration screen, just copy it from folder C:\MSC[1]LIMS\Examples\Excel Export Templates. The MSC[1]LIMS Export Template’s macros are empty so you can export any LIMS report to this template to get the raw data behind the report. When you export the Customers report you will get all fields for all customers. Just delete the columns you don’t need then use File | Save and set the file type to CSV to create a CSV file to import into another application. See “Exporting to the Generic Template” KB article for more information

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