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Export Analysis Results to Excel

We frequently receive emails from users who need to get the results for one analyte across many samples into Excel.

To export existing results to Excel, export an appropriate LIMS report to a suitable template. With the exception of the generic LIMS Export Template all export templates are designed to receive data from a specific LIMS report. For example, all our final report example templates must be used with the Sample Summary report.

Since the generic LIMS Export Template has empty macros, you can export any LIMS report to this template to explore the report’s available data. To export the results for one analyte from multiple samples, export an Analyte Comparison report to the LIMS Export Template. The results for the first analyte displayed on the Analyte Comparison report will appear in a column labeled “1” on the LIMSData sheet, the second analyte in column “2”, etc.

Table of Contents