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Importing formatted analysis results<br>from Excel

When importing formatted analysis results such as “< 0.1” and “ND” from Excel it is not uncommon to encounter an “Invalid result” status. Formatted analysis results can be imported from Excel. However, it is important to review how LIMS converts such results into the separate Result Type and Result Value fields in the LIMS.

When an Excel analysis result cell is not entirely numeric, LIMS w first scan the cell’s cont looking fo number. If a number is found, it is temporarily replaced by the number sign “#”. For example, “< 0.1” becomes “< #”, while “ND” remains “ND”. Next, LIMS searches the Report Format column your defined Result Types looking for an exact matc for the temporary placeholder. If a match is found, the LIMS sets the Result Type field and adds any number to the Result Value field. If no match is found the result can not be imported, which produces the “Invalid result” status.

Many invalid results are caused by missing or extraneous spaces. For example, if the Report Format field for your “less than” result type in the LIMS does not include a space between the “<” and “#”, Excel cells that include a space will produce an invalid result because “><#” (no space) is not equal to “< #” (with space). When you encounter an invalid result when importing formatted analysis results from Excel, review your Result Type’s Report Format field and you may quickly find the solution.

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