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Incomplete Analyses Organized by Analyst

Q: “I would like to generate a work sheet per technician at the end of each day that includes most of the incomplete analyses… The next morning, the technician looks at his list and determines which analyses he wants/needs to do that day. We have 4 technicians and they each do 15-30 different analyses. I’m worried we might miss an analysis or two if we had to manually pick the analyses each day. So far, analyses do not have a technician connected to them. I’m willing to do this if it will help query samples easier.”

A: The Analyses setup screen does not have a field to assign an analysis to a technician but there is an alternative. Many sites use the Work Sheet report on the Notebook menu to create technician work lists. To avoid selecting individual analytes you can use the “Select analytes by Requirement” option on the Work Sheet Setup screen.

A Requirement is simply a named list of analytes, so you can create requirements to select each technician’s analytes. You can export the report to your own modified copy of the example work sheet template to create your report

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