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Installing Existing LIMS v4 On A New Workstation

To install an existing MSC-LIMS v4 system on a new workstation, first ensure the workstation has a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office. MSC-LIMS installs and uses the 32-bit version of the Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime, which requires a 32-bit version of Excel for the Excel interface to work properly.

Next, note the name (normally LimsData4.mdb) and location of your current LIMS database, which you will find listed in the lower left corner of the MSC-LIMS main menu. Now locate the Setup folder on your server containing the MSC-LIMS installation files. Normally, the Setup folder is found within the folder containing your LIMS database. The Setup folder will contain several folders and files, including file MSC-LIMS.cab from when you last renewed your annual subscription.

To install MSC-LIMS on your new workstation, navigate to the Setup folder from the new workstation and double-click the application file Setup.exe to start the installer. Accept the default C:\MSC-LIMS folder for the location to install the software. IMPORTANT: On the “Select the location for the MSC-LIMS database” screen shown below, enter or select the server folder where your current LIMS database resides.

Follow the remaining prompts to complete the installation. If the workstation forces a reboot during the install, simply navigate back to the Setup folder and double-click Setup.exe to complete the installation. The first time you start MSC-LIMS on the new workstation you must select the LIMS database on your server.

Table of Contents