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Installing LIMS 2.x on a Machine with Access 2000


The information in this article applies to LIMS 2.x, Access 97/2000.

You receive the following message:

	Can't find the database you specified

when attempting to start LIMS on a machine that already has Access 2000.

More Information

LIMS 2.x can coexist on a system with Access 2000 but there are a number of problems that can occur with different configurations of Access 97 runtime, full copy of Access 97, and Access 2000.

In order to install LIMS on a workstation with an existing copy of Access 2000, it is best to use these steps:

  1. Uninstall Access 2000
  2. Install LIMS
  3. Reinstall Access 2000

When reinstalling Access 2000 making sure to instruct the Access 2000 installer to leave older versions of Access intact. One some machines, uninstalling Access 2000 may cause an orphaned copy of the Access 2000 executable file to be left on the computer causing an error message when you attempt to start LIMS after installation. After uninstalling Access 2000, search for file msaccess.exe and rename it before installing LIMS. See Error: “Can’t Find File MS09.DLL” When Starting LIMS for more information.

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