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LimsCode Size Warning

We often receive questions similar to this one:

“I just started LIMS and got a warning message stating that the LimsCode database reached over 15 MB. What should I do to change this? Does it matter?”

The LimsCode startup warning message is harmless. It is a remnant from one of the earliest versions of LIMS, back when PCs were much slower. The message has nothing to do with your LimsData database, which is the repository for all LIMS data.

To suppress the LimsCode size warning, first open the Workstation Configuration screen on the Admin menu and make sure the “Compact LimsCode at exit” and “Delete temporary records at exit” options are both enabled. Next, you can either disable the “Show Compact startup warning” option or increase its size to 20 MB or higher if necessary. LimsCode contains the LIMS software and its size will increase while you use the LIMS. Compacting and deleting temporary records each time the LIMS exits will keep its size in check.

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