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Prevent Samplers and Technicians
from Adding or Editing Locations

A user recently sent this question:

“One of my analysts has been overwriting locations when she goes to add a new location in LIMS, and I just realized it today when a customer asked for some 2012 data. … Is there a way to allow her to log in the samples, but not to add or modify locations? Can you get that specific with the privileges?”

Only members of the Admins security role have permissions to add and edit data in screens on the Setup menu. However, the Locations screen is one exception. Members of the Samplers and Technicians security roles can add and edit locations. You can remove that permission with a simple change.

Log on using the LimsAdmin account and open the System Permissions screen on the Admin menu. Click the LimsData tab and change the Samplers and Technicians permission on the Location table from 116 to zero. Close the screen and apply your change.

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