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Query Unapproved Samples

A user recently asked:

“There must be a way to set up a query to search for samples where the only incomplete analyte is “Approved.” (All the other analytes are complete.) How can I do this?”

First, select your “Approved” analyte on the Data Entry tab of the System Configuration screen. Now you can use the Unapproved option on the Additional tab of the query controls to query samples where the only incomplete analyte is the “Approved” analyte. Note that the “Approval analyte” pick list on the System Configuration screen shows only analytes requiring Admin privileges for results entry so make sure you’ve enabled that option on the Analyses setup screen. If you do not want to require Admin privileges for approval, temporarily enable the “Admin privileges required for results entry” option for your approval analyte, select the analyte on the System Configuration screen, then disable the Admin privileges option. See “Sample Approval” in chapter four of the LIMS User’s Guide for more information.

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