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Quick Data Export to Excel

We all learn something new every day. You are probably aware that it is easy to export data from any LIMS report to Excel. But did you know you can also quickly export data from some screens to Excel?

Try this simple example. Open the Locations screen on the Setup menu. Use Ctrl+A to select all records then use Ctrl+C to copy the data to the Windows clipboard. Now open Excel. Position the cursor in cell A1 in a blank worksheet then use Ctrl+V to paste the data.

This technique also works in an LIMS Add/Edit form such as the Analyses setup screen. Switch the form to Edit Mode then click the [View All] button to enable all records. Use Ctrl+A to select all records and Ctrl+C to copy then use Ctrl+V in Excel to paste.

While it may look and behave like magic, this capability is enabled by Access’ and Excel’s shared Microsoft Office lineage.

Table of Contents