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Reporting Specific Analytes for Multiple Samples

A user recently submitted this request:

“I wanted to use the [‘Final Report – Samples in Rows’ example Excel template] to show multiple samples for a certain project but do not want to show all analytes. You suggested using the single-sample [‘CofA Example – Specific Analytes’ template] but I want all the samples on the same page. Is that possible? How would I be able to manipulate either template to configure that? As well as adding our own Customer Sample ID and the notes from the sample login?”

The ‘Final Report – Samples in Rows’ template will list all of the sample’s analyses with the option to exclude analyses marked as internal data. There is no way to list only specific analyses with that template and the other templates with names beginning ‘Final Report’.

However, the ‘EDD Example – Specific Analytes’ template is another option. With that template you are limited to listing data for each sample on a single row. But you can list any sample characteristics and any analytes.

While the template was designed to create electronic data deliverables, you can turn it into a report. Initially, columns A:T list sample characteristics for the field names in row one. Beginning at column U, the formulas list results for the analyte names in the row one cell. Note that the sample characteristic formulas differ from the analysis results formulas. So, delete all of the sample characteristic columns you don’t need, then add all your analyte names in row one, labels in row two, and copy an analysis result row three formula to all of your analyte columns. Hide row one when you are done.

Next you can insert rows above row one and add your own report header information or use Excel’s page headers and footers.

Table of Contents