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Result High and Low Warning Flags

A user recently asked:

“Could you please tell me why when a spec is listed as 11-11.4 and a result is 11.4, LIMS gives an ‘H’ warning for the result?”

The ‘H’ for high is appearing because the result value is at or above the warning maximum value specified for the analyte in the sample’s project. Review the specifications in the Projects setup screen and set the Warning Max field to a value slightly above 11.4 (e.g. 11.40001). Note that the Report Specs field is simply text that allows you to specify an acceptable result for a final report. ‘H’igh and ‘L’ow flags are appended by comparing the result value to the warning maximum and minimum values. You can view a sample analysis’ specifications by double-clicking the Result Value field (or right-click and choose Result Specifications) in either results entry screen. Specifications are copied to the sample at login from the sample’s project. Correcting a project’s specifications will affect all future samples. If the analysis does not yet have a result you can correct a sample’s analysis specifications using the Update Min/Max button on the Analyses setup screen.

Table of Contents