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Results Entry Inserting Login Name Instead of Initials

A user noticed that one employee’s login name was now automatically inserted in the Technician field instead of her initials.

During data entry in the Results by Analyte and Results by Sample screens, LIMS will determine if the current user’s login name is associated with an employee. If an employee with matching login name is found, the employee’s initials are inserted in the Technician field; otherwise the login name is used. To troubleshoot, we reviewed the employee’s record using the Employees screen on the Admin menu. This employee’s login name, which was added with version 4.x, was different than her Windows login name used by version 5.0. Using the Login Name pick list on the Employees screen to replace the employee’s old LIMS login name with her Windows login name solved the problem. Her initials are now inserted in the results entry screens.

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