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Sample Schedules

Q: “I had a question regarding the Notebook: Sample Schedules within the LIMS. I was wondering how the sample schedule becomes completed or closed so it appears in the Schedule History. I want to get a better understanding of how this function in LIMS works.”

A: When a sample is logged with a project that exists in a sample schedule, the sample is added to the schedule history so you can later view which samples satisfied a schedule. If the sample satisfied a schedule and the schedule has a reschedule frequency, a new schedule record for the project is added with an updated due date. If there is no reschedule frequency, the project is removed from the schedule. Samples schedules are a good reminder system for infrequent or recurring sampling events. If you enable the “Check sample schedules at startup” option on the Workstation Configuration screen, the system will display a notice at startup when a sample for the scheduled project is due. Use the schedule’s warning days to specify how many days before the due date you want to be warned when a sample for the project is due.

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