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Sending Preliminary Reports with

A user sending final reports to customers automatically with LIMS Messaging recently asked:

“I was wondering if there was any way that LIMS could send out a preliminary report. If a sample has more than one test being performed and one test is completed before another, is it possible for LIMS to send out a report with the one result completed and the other result still pending?”

Yes, you can send a preliminary report via LIMS Messaging by using the resend button in the Results by Sample screen in the LIMS. The resend button is located immediately above the customer field. Prior to LIMS version 3.3, preliminary reports worked only for single-sample message styles. However, in version 3.3 the resend button now also works for batch message styles.

If you use an Excel template for your final report, consider using a formula in your template to label the report “Preliminary.” For example, the formula below will insert “Preliminary” in the cell if at least one sample on the report is incomplete:

=IF(COUNTBLANK(CompletedDate) > 0, “Preliminary”,

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