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Speed Data Entry with Text Lists

If you frequently enter the same phrases, sentences, or other text or you want to standardize certain data entry in text fields, you will find LIMS’ Text Lists feature helpful.

Pick lists, such as those for a sample’s Project, Location, Customer, and Sample Type, automatically standardize and speed data entry since they require entering or selecting an item already in the list. However, regular text fields such as a sample’s Description and Notes allow any data to be entered.

In the Setup menu, use the Text Lists option to organize and save any frequently entered text in a named list. Initially, the Text Lists screen will show three predefined but empty Conclusions, Notes, and Titles lists.

Use these lists to add text frequently entered in these LIMS fields. The example below shows an added Symbols list with characters that are cumbersome to enter from the numeric keypad or by copying from Windows’ Character Map accessory (available on the Tools menu in LIMS). Use the New List field and the Create List button to add a new text list. The screen below shows an added Temperature list.

To add text from any text list to any LIMS field, open the Text Builder by right-clicking and selecting Text Builder from the popup menu or use the Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut. If the Text Builder is opened from a Conclusions, Notes, or Title field that list is automatically selected. Select any list to view its text entries. Double-click any list text or select and click the Paste button to add the text to the insert field. Any number of text entries can be added to the insert field separated by a space or a carriage return. Use the Insert button or the Enter key to close the Text Builder and insert the text into the LIMS field.

Note that members of the Admins (and Owners in version 5.x) security role can use the Add to List button in the Text Builder popup to add new items to the selected text list.

Explore the capabilities of Text Lists and the Text Builder and you are sure to find ways these tools will help speed repetitive data entry.

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