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Splitting One Sample Batch into Two

An LIMS user recently asked:

“Is it possible to separate items within a batch to form separate batches? I have a couple of shelf life studies going that involve multiple products. I put them into the same batch a while back and the reports are messy now that the testing has gone on for a while. I’d like to separate them into separate reports for ease of access for my clients.”

Yes, you can split the samples in an existing batch into two batches. First, log a new single-sample batch so that the system allocates a new batch number. The characteristics of the new sample, which you will soon delete, are unimportant. Open the single sample login screen, switch to edit mode, and query the existing batch. Change the existing batch number to the new batch number for each sample you want to move from the existing batch to the new the batch. Now delete the new batch’s original sample, which you logged only to get a new batch number.

Table of Contents