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Startup Errors

We often receive support calls or emails listing one of the following or similar error messages when LIMS is started.

“The expression entered has a function name that LIMS can’t find.”

“The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object ‘MSysDb’.”

After investigating, we frequently learn that the error is specific to one LIMS workstation and is often the result of a workstation crash that required a Windows reboot or another severe error that occurred while LIMS was running. The resulting errors are often due to a corrupt LimsCodeN.mde file, which can occur when LIMS is not closed normally. The solution is to copy a new LimsCode3.mde or LimsCode4.mde file to the folder where LIMS was installed (normally C:\LIMS).

To correct the problem with LIMS 3.x, simply copy file LimsCode3.mde from the Setup folder with the LIMS installation files to folder C:\LIMS, overwriting the existing file.

In LIMS 4.x, the problem can be corrected using one of two methods: If you are using Windows 7, open file LIMS.cab in the Setup folder containing the LIMS installation files. LIMS.cab is a cabinet file of compressed files. Copy file LimsCode4.mde from LIMS.cab to folder C:\LIMS, overwriting the existing file. Alternatively, if you are not running Windows 7 or can’t otherwise open LIMS.cab, simply run Setup.exe in the Setup folder and follow the prompts to update your LIMS installation, which will copy a new LimsCode4.mde to the C:\LIMS folder.

Table of Contents