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Synchronize Workstation Configuration Settings

Unlike the System Configuration screen’s settings which are system-wide, the settings on the Workstation Configuration screen apply only to the current LIMS workstation. In an LIMS multi-user installation, it is often desirable to use the same settings on all LIMS workstations. For example, all LIMS workstations should be using the same Excel templates. And workstations with a different ‘Populate Sample List’ option will likely cause confusion when users rely on sample selection pick lists and move from one LIMS workstation to another.

To use the same settings on all workstations you can simply open the Workstation Configuration screen on each LIMS workstation and configure the settings. However, there is a simpler method that will guarantee the settings are synchronized. When you start the LIMS, the workstation configuration settings are loaded from file LimsCode4.xml for LIMS version 4.x or LimsCode5.xml for version 5.x.

When you exit the LIMS, the settings are saved to the XML file in the folder where the LimsCode file resides (normally C:\LIMS). Knowing this behavior, you can configure the Workstation Configuration screen on one workstation, exit the LIMS then copy the LimsCodeN.xml file from this workstation to all other LIMS workstations. Use this trick to ensure all workstations are configured similarly or to save time after installing LIMS on a new workstation.

Table of Contents