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Unwanted MIN and MAX Warnings

A user called and asked why she was getting the red MIN and MAX warnings during results entry. For the analyte in question, she had set the warning max to 9 and the warning minimum to 8 in the Analyses setup screen, which were also the values listed in the Projects setup screen when the analyte was added to the project. To verify these were the specifications added to the sample, she right-clicked the result value field in the Results by Sample screen, chose Result Specifications from the popup menu, and viewed the 8 to 9 warning range.

Since 8 and 9 are acceptable results, the warning min and max must be updated to prevent a warning. LIMS will flag a result with a red MIN or MAX exception if the result is less than or equal to the warning min or equal to or greater than the warning max. The solution is to set the warning min slightly below and the warning max slightly above the acceptable values. In this case the warning min was changed to 7.9999 and the warning max to 9.0001. Using the [Update Min/Max…] button on the Analyses setup screen allowed quickly changing the specifications in all existing projects and incomplete samples.

Table of Contents