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Using Barcode Hardware

Q: I wanted to inquire about using the barcode system within LIMS. Is there an app we could use for the barcode scanning or do we need to buy a scan gun? The simplest solution is to use a keyboard-wedge style scanner.

A: These scanners simply connect between the keyboard and the PC, which makes any scanned barcode data appear to have come from the keyboard. Since no software is required, this is an all-hardware solution. LIMS uses a public domain Code 3 of 9 barcode font to print barcodes so any scanner must be capable of handling Code 3 of 9 (most do). If you need to print labels with barcodes, the label styles included with LIMS are all designed for the inexpensive Dymo LabelWriter printers and their 30252 address labels and will accommodate barcodes. With a Full System license custom label styles can be added if you prefer to design your own label.

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