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Using the Record Navigation Search

The record navigation search field is a little known but very useful feature in LIMS. Adjacent to the record navigation controls and highlighted in the screen excerpt below, use the Search field to find any data in the current screen.

The record navigation search field is particularly handy on any screen showing multiple records. Following are a few examples that demonstrate the utility of the search field.

Say you have hundreds of defined locations in your system and you need to quickly find all tank locations. Simply open the Locations setup screen and enter “tank” in the search field. The first record with “tank” in any screen field will be selected. With the cursor still in the search field press the Enter key to find the next record. Once the last record with “tank” is found the Enter key no longer has any affect. To resume the search from the top, select the first record then use the Enter key within the search field again.

As another example, say a sample with dozens of analytes is open in the Results by Analyte screen. Use the search field adjacent to the analysis record selectors to quickly find a record. Search for a record with data in any of the analysis fields including analyte name, result type, result value, reported result, and technician.

The record navigation search field also works with LIMS’ Add/Edit forms. Simply place the form in edit mode and click the View All option to enable searches for all records. For example, to find all analyses with three significant figure rounding, open the Analyses setup screen, click the Edit Data button and the View all button then enter “3 sig” in the search field to find the first, then press Enter to find the next. Note that a search in an Add/Edit form works across all fields on each tab of the form.

Experiment with the record navigation search field and you are sure to find your own uses for this handy feature.

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