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View Current Users Fails

In an LIMS multi-user installation, the View Current Users option on the Admin menu will display a list of all users currently logged on to the LIMS. Viewing a list of current LIMS users can be particularly useful when you need to perform administrative tasks that require exclusive control of the LIMS database such as when compacting. The View Current Users option may fail with the following error:

To obtain a list of current users, the LIMS software uses a programming technique that requires a valid login name and password to retrieve the list. Since only the LimsAdmin and Guest login accounts are guaranteed to exist and the LimsAdmin account’s password is most likely to change, the software uses the Guest account with its default of no password. If you have added a password to the Guest account, View Current Users will fail with the above message. The only solution is to clear the password from the Guest account.

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