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Work Load Report

A user recently asked:

“If I wanted to generate a report based on number of samples/analytes completed by each individual what is the best way to execute? … Something that simply gives the Tech name and a summation of the analytes they have run over the time frame would suffice.”

Here is an SQL statement that will do the job:

SELECT SampleAnalysis.Technician, Analysis.Analyte, Count(SampleAnalysis.SampleAnalysisID) AS AnalysesPerformed FROM Analysis INNER JOIN SampleAnalysis ON Analysis.AnalysisID = SampleAnalysis.AnalysisID WHERE SampleAnalysis.AnalysisDate Between #7/1/2021# And #7/31/2021# GROUP BY SampleAnalysis.Technician, Analysis.Analyte;

Add the SQL statement above to the LIMS Data Query workbook’s Query worksheet. Just set the date range in the WHERE clause of the statement to the timeframe of interest. Also, see the workbook’s ReadMe worksheet for other example SQL statements you may find helpful.

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