Interfaces of
J Street LIMS

When searching for the best LIMS for your lab, it’s smart to ask whether it is capable of interfacing, exchanging data, or integrating with other technology or common third-party software. Our customers rely on J Street LIMS to manage their sample and analytical data, but for some labs this only solves part of the puzzle. Most commercial laboratories are required to submit data to customers, and many labs in environmental settings are required to send data and reports to regulatory agencies for compliance. At the end of the day, there’s a good chance your laboratory data might have to leave the LIMS at some point, but J Street LIMS makes interfacing and integrating seamless while keeping all of your data intact.


Here’s what you need to know about J Street LIMS interfaces and integrations:



  • Microsoft Excel interface for easy data imports and exports, custom reports, and templates. If your data comes from or goes to Excel, the possibilities are endless.
  • The Messaging feature is frequently used to send sample analyses to customers, or customized to interface with various reporting methods required by government agencies. Can also be interfaced with external database systems (ERP, LIS, Process Control, etc).
  • Ability to integrate with notable accounting software (Quickbooks, Sage, etc).


Yes! Use the J Street LIMS’ Excel interface to create “middleware” templates between the LIMS and the instrument. Any instrument data accessible to Excel can be imported into the LIMS using suitable templates. This method is flexible and easily adaptable to changes in lab or business processes.

We have already interfaced with many instruments, including handheld PC’s and tablets, GC, MS, ICP, 3M’s Petrifilm Plate Reader (PPR), Dupont’s Qualicon Bax, and several popular balances. We can provide Excel templates to configure these instruments.

If your lab instrument can receive imports via Excel/CSV format, there’s a good chance the LIMS can interface out of the box. But, if you need a custom integration with 3rd party software, contact us to learn more about full-system licenses.