J Street LIMS -
An Overview

J Street LIMS is an affordable, easy-to-use Windows-based Laboratory Information Management System.

Originally named “MSC-LIMS” and supported by Mountain States Consulting, our LIMS has served the laboratory information management needs of diverse clients since 1996. J Street LIMS is currently used by analytical labs in water/wastewater testing, commercial environmental testing, food testing, petrochemical testing and many other laboratory settings. J Street LIMS is a flexible, powerful, secure, and compliant system designed for small to mid-sized labs.

J Street LIMS is a Windows-based laboratory information management system available in both single-user and multi-user versions for workgroups of up to 25 simultaneous users. It is suitable for labs processing up to 75,000 samples per year and up to 300,000 analyses per year.

Laboratories can ensure their laboratory data is well-organized, accessible, secure, and easily reportable by using J Street LIMS. Our system can help your lab increase efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and client satisfaction–all at a very low cost compared to other LIMS on the market. Take a look at our Features page for a concise breakdown of what J Street LIMS can do. But the benefits don’t stop there.

A seamless and secure solution, right out of the box

Our LIMS covers all of the bases

Leverage existing Excel spreadsheets
for data entry, reporting and invoicing

Increase sample throughput
without adding personnel

Reduce data transcription errors

Avoid missed sampling events

Prevent expired analytical holding times

Prevent illogical analytical results
through validation

Deliver sample results automatically
via email, fax, or customized integrations

Track sample and database revisions with advanced audit trailing

J Street LIMS Components

All J Street LIMS license options include all of the
components listed below.

Powered by Windows

J Street LIMS uses Microsoft Access for Windows with a SQL Server back-end database for industrial-strength performance, security, and scalability.

J Street LIMS Messaging

The Messaging component can be used to implement internal or external/B2B electronic data transfer. Sample information can be sent automatically via email, fax, or through customized integrations. It includes a number of messaging styles ranging from plain text to attached files in rich text, PDF, Excel, HTML, and XML formats.


We include a J Street LIMS User’s Guide, J Street LIMS Messaging User’s Guide, Installation Guide and Release Notes, and a robust Support area containing a knowledge base and instructional content.

Technical Support & Version Updates

Each active J Street LIMS license includes unlimited technical support and version updates. See Pricing for more details.